Dlguard 4.6

Protect your digital products quickly and easily. DLGuard provides a secure connection from sale to avoid people, jumping from its payment system. DLGuard make a valid payment was then the client for your safety, download area and send them a personalised email downloads with your link. [¦ order more information]. Do you offer a free or paid member? DLGuard is the perfect tool to easily manage their membership. Automatic recording and retirees in their download links members area protected, create a site selling has never been easier! [¦ order more information]. With DLGuard built people like commercial, offers the products they buy, so add to cart and then make a lump sum for all its products, shopping cart system. It's perfect for people, e-book, software download music for sale and more! [¦ order more information]. I want to download the link thank you and release/Download Share page with download links that expire. DLGuard, you can once in a limit of links and this limit is often valid, everyone can use this link. This provides a flexible protection for your product, in order to contribute to the fight against piracy. [¦ order more information]. Coupons can help increase sales. DLGuard can, good exchange to create access to secret product or have a discount on a product in public. Using coupons can help you generate customer interest and increase sales. [¦ order more information]. All pages where customers see predefined HTML templates and generate a language file. You can use these models differ completely from your website, or translate it into another language change. Your custom template can have one of their products. [¦ order more information]. DLGuard automatically adds customers to your mailing list after the sale. Manual presentation ask customers no longer, no more annoying to go through the tire. Free to answer only simple, instant and invisible. [¦ order more information]. DLGuard HTML Sales button, DLGuard unique visitors are raw and to your sales page, then use the tracking sales for their conversion rate to calculate and display the details in an easy to read graphics. Download later, attempts allowing you an eye on dlguard 4.6 your business. [¦ order more information]. DLGuard: DLGuard is a product of Web software, which aims to secure and automate the sales process on the Internet online. Based on eight years of constant development, to ensure that the product is today to buy their needs of tomorrow's reputation of DLGuard. We are proud to support high quality, even after the purchase of the customers. .