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Protect your digital products quickly and easily. DLGuard provides a secure connection for people selling prevent passing your payment system. DLGuard will then made a valid payment and then pass your download area for your customers and send them an email with the download link. [¦ order more information!]. Do you offer a free or paid member? DLGuard is the perfect tool to easily manage your subscriptions. With a recurring sales website is links, moves and create links to download protected in the Member's area has never been so easy! [¦ order more information!]. With DLGuards built in shopping cart system that customers provide the option, products that want to buy, can add to your shopping cart and then make a lump sum for their products. This is perfect for those who sell ebooks, software, download music and much more! [¦ order more information!]. To share the download with the download links that expire and leave the download link part and thank you. DLGuard you can take someone please, use this link for the amount of time a link, as well as the border is often valid. This provides a flexible protection for your product, in order to contribute to the fight against piracy. [¦ order more information!]. Coupons can help increase sales. DLGuard allows you to create coupons, access to a secret or a public product rebate. Using coupons can help to attract the interest of the customer and increase sales. [¦ order more information!]. All the images that your customers see the default HTML templates and generates a language file. You can mix these styles completely with your website or translate to another language change. Each of their products have their own custom template. [¦ order more information!]. DLGuard automatically adds customers to your mailing list, after completing a sale. There are no boring manual input because it is not trying to jump through your account with the application. Free response only simple, immediate, and invisible. [¦ order more information!]. Simply using a DLGuard HTML button sales, DLGuard is the number of unique visitors and raw on your sales dlguard coupon page and then use tracking to calculate sales conversion rates and view the details of a reading simple graphics. Download also monitor attempts, so you can keep an eye on your business. [¦ order more information!]. DLGuard: DLGuard is a security website software and automate the process of selling online for Internet companies. Remains of DLGuard reputation in eight years of continuous development, make sure that the product you buy today tomorrow will meet your needs. We pride ourselves in offering a support high quality customer, even after the purchase. .